Saturday, 30 June 2012

Kellermeister Boots Cider

Kellermeister Boots Cider – Dry

Here we are again, another wine producer dabbling in the growing phenomenon of cider making. Normally, Kellermeister make fantastic Barossa Valley reds (just recently winning some major international awards), but they now have expanded their portfolio to cider. The winery is based in the Barossa Valley which is an hour North of Adelaide, South Australia.
This cider would have to be the most complex Australian cider I have come across so far. She’s a beauty! It really opens up and gives you more after each mouthful which is what you want from a cider. Colour wise, it has a dark golden colour, far darker in colour than any of the other ciders I have looked at. In most cases, this could either A: be due to real cider apples being used, or B: oak age, which I believe is the reason here. It is filtered clear and has a good carbonation level aiding the mouth feel.
The nose worried me to begin with, showing a wet hair funk character. This would likely be again due to oak age which also gave off a small bretty character. Once that 'funk' blew off, it revealed a real rustic, red apple, nutty cider which excited the nose. I couldn’t stop whiffing it, as it was opening up more and more as it warmed up.

Palate wise the mouth feel was uncanny being soft and almost fluffy like. It was like a cloud floating across your tongue (strange but true)! It went down slightly off dry, even though it’s labelled dry and was balanced with just, and I mean just, the smallest amount of acidity. Initially it finished a little out of balance, or a little confused, but every sip I took it got better and better. I can’t put my finger on it, but it really had two personalities. Nice candied apple characters were moulded together with a woody length which created a pleasing finish.
Overall, this cider is a really good example of what winemakers can dish out. You can see it has been made by winemakers and targeted towards men with a thirst. I am a big fan of this cider as a lot of thought has gone into its conception and style. Marketed well, this can do very well in the ever growing competitive cider market as it offers something different. It offers complexity, interest and uniqueness and I strongly urge anyone to head out and give this one a go.
Producer: Kellermeister Holdings Pty Ltd
Country: Australia (Barossa Valley, South Australia)
Alcohol: 5%

Rating: 8 out of 10


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