Saturday, 30 June 2012

Ramseier – Suure Moscht, Cidre De Pomme

Ramseier – Suure Moscht, Cidre De Pomme

I came across this cheeky little swiss number at a hostel bar in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. It’s made by Pomdor Suisse, which is located in Suisse, Switzerland and they also make lightly carbonated apple juices. Being surrounded by quaint swiss mountain homes in the European winter with Jungfrau towering over us was the perfect setting to down a few ciders. The cider itself immediately caught my 'scoping of the bar fridge' eye due to the swing top bottle it was presented in. After throwing a wad of Swiss Franc across the bar, a round of Ramseier’s finest was ready for action.
After peeling off the label which sealed in the swing top, I was greeted with that beautiful “tissssss” sound. The cider was a nice clear golden colour with a good level of carbonation in the glass. The nose was fresh with just a hint of sulphur, but inviting overall. I noticed using my perfect German/Swiss interpretation skills, that it was made from concentrate. Usually I would turn my nose up to this, but hey, when are you ever in the swiss mountains? The cider drank really well, nicely carbonated which foamed up in the mouth and eased it’s way down. Beautiful fresh apples coupled with lean tartness and a hint of sweetness greeted me on the palate. It was going down a treat with my potato rosti and swiss sausage which was served for dinner. A touch one dimensional, but I guess you expect that from ciders made from concentrate. At 4% alcohol and in 500mL bottles, this lighter styled cider definitely had all of us wanting more. Would the developing palates of the modern Aussie cider drinker drink it? I reckon they would, as it would be perfect for our hot summers, and maybe not the sub 10 degree temperatures of Europe's winter!

I was told that the bottles were all collected at the hostel and sent back to the brewery to be cleaned and refilled again. That I believe is genius, and we could learn from that here in Australia, not with just cider, but all beverages.
Overall, this cider was a really good entry level to a lesser known cider making country of Europe. If you ever get the chance to head over to Switzerland, then give this cider a go. It’s simple, easy and best drunk cold.

Producer: Pomdor Suisse
Country: Switzerland
Alcohol: 4%

Rating: 6 out of 10


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