Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Hills Cider Company – Apple Cider

The Hills Cider Company – Apple Cider
This cider reeks (in a good way) of sessionability. Picture this – hot summer’s day, 5 kg’s of meat slapped on the barbie, your best mates and the AFL GF on the telly. What’s missing here? An esky stacked to the brim with The Hills Cider on ice. These boys have been super clever by matching catchy marketing, having a great story of looking after the local’s, and making a light easy drinking cider. Combine all these, along with desperate Adelaidian’s yearning for a thirst quenching cider gives you a recipe for success.

Straight up this cider is clean, fresh and full of appley goodness. It is filtered to a brilliant finish and is golden straw in colour. The nose smells of freshly picked granny apples which gives you a sense of excitement and fun. To the trained nose, this cider can sometimes show a potassium sorbate stench, but it’s not at all detrimental to the final product. I was a little disappointed with the carbonation, which vanished quite quickly. This probably is due to the artificial carbonation which gives off a smaller bead with overly large bubbles that fade fast. I was always taught – “the faster the bubbles go in, the faster they disappear”, basically describing artificial carbonation versus method traditional which is bottle induced carbonation.

Palate wise, she’s full of lip smacking tartness which is combined with some residual sweetness to add weight. The tartness lingers on your lips after every sip and becomes increasing addictive. This tartness can be traced to the dessert apples used in the recipe. There even is a tiny phenolic presence which adds texture. There was a little hint of alcohol warmness towards the back palate too, which I didn’t mind.

Overall, I find this cider a really pleasant drop and it’s made quite well. It may not be the most complex or traditional, but it’s made to suit the palates of the everyday Aussie cider drinkers. It’s a cider which makes you come back for more, and this is why the cider is the perfect recipe for success. Congrats boys on a great product!

Producer: The Hills Cider Company
Country: Australia (Adelaide Hills, South Australia)
Alcohol: 5%

Rating: 7.5 out of 10


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