Saturday, 30 June 2012

Three Oaks Cider Company - Original

Three Oaks Cider Company – Original

Three Oaks is a cider producer made by a bunch of Mclaren Vale Winemakers. Mclaren Vale is one of South Australia's premier wine regions and it seems trendy now for anyone in the winemaking game to produce ciders. We are now seeing many new labels on our local shelves originating from wine producing companies.
This cider is an interesting beast, with the 'made from local and imported ingredients' slogan firstly catching my eye. Is this an infamous case of importing concentrate from overseas countries? The cider itself seemed a little confusing, with a real concentrate character making it taste a little fake. Not to say it’s a bad cider, but I couldn’t see any authenticity there.

The carbonation lacks excitement, with large bubble that fade uber fast. It is filtered clear with a golden straw colour. The nose shows nice citrus/lime characters, and almost resembles pure pear juice. After some time, the nose opened to be real Riesling like (Riesling being a white wine noted for its lemon/lime characters) in stature. Palate wise, the off dry sweetness resembled pure apple juice which was quite inviting. It was like I was sipping on an apple moscato. To a non sweet tooth, the sweetness could become cloying over a few bottles, which makes me believe this is not a session drink. The sweetness gives the mouth feel a lot of weight, and the acidity was balanced perfectly. Unfortunately, the cider did taste like a concentrated product, which left me wondering.....

Overall, the cider is a solid effort, but not a cider which would leave a lasting impression. It just didn’t hit the spot for a keen cider lover like myself. If you’re a South Australian, then give it a go to help support local businesses, but I feel there are better SA or Australian ciders out there. But get out there and give it a go to say you have tried it!
Producer: Three Oaks Cider Company
Country: Australia (Mclaren Vale, South Australia)
Alcohol: 5%

Rating: 5.5 out of 10


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