Saturday, 30 June 2012

Welcome to All About Cider

My name is James Adams and I'm a self confessed cider junkie. I'm out to give people a perspective on the so called 'trendy' Aussie ciders which are proliferating like wildfire on our local bottle shop shelves. I also want to delve into the more unknown, the more misunderstood, the true original ciders as such. These include the French and English and all in between. These are the real heros which I am passionate about.

What I am currently seeing in the cider market is a niche for Australian producers who are stepping up and making some quality ciders. The battle of the Aussie Winemakers Vs. the Aussie Brewers to gain market share in our bottle shops is as rife as ever. But there are also some amazing boutique, independed producers which need to have their time in the sun. Along with the increasing popularity of the Australian ciders, are as I have mentioned, the more unknown French and English (and to less extent Welsh and Spanish). These ciders are made with traditional heritage apples and traditional production methods.

Along with ciders, I will cover topics ranging from apples themselves, cider processing equipment to cider producing regions. The list goes on, but rest assured it's 100% cider focused with Perry thrown in for good measure.

Feel free to drop me a line if there is a topic you want to learn about, a cider you want reviewed or just talk about the new cider you drank on the weekend.


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