Monday, 27 August 2012

Cider of the Month - August

This months edition of Cider of the Month goes to:
 Westons - Henry Westons Oak Aged Vintage Cider 2010
Weston’s, situated in Herefordshire England, has created a ballsy, unforgiving vintage cider using only the best fruit available of the year. It’s light on fizz, golden yellow and brilliantly clear. Unmistakable fresh green apples are complimented by earthy oak on the nose. Upfront medium dry sweetness is short lived by amazing sharpness which whacks you in the face for six. The great balancing act of bitterness, sharpness, and sweetness should not be taken lightly. This is a real man's cider at 8.2%, and she packs a punch. Best savoured on its own, no mess no fuss. Just like the cider itself.

Producer: H Weston & Sons Ltd
Region: Herefordshire (England)
Alcohol: 8.2%

* The 2011 Vintage has just been released in Australia.

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