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Old Mout Cider - Classic Apple Cider

Old Mout Cider – Classic Apple Cider
So what Country can give you pristine landscape, a North and South island, loads of sheep, rock gods Shihad and a thriving cider scene? It’s our firends across the ditch in New Zealand, and Old Mout (pronounced Moot), is one of the major cider players located in the Moutere Valley, Nelson. The Moutere Valley is an apple growing region located in the north-west end of the South Island just a short drive from Nelson City. This is prime apple growing country with perfect soil, all year round sunshine and cool nights offering up sublime growing conditions. The apples which are used to make the Old Mout ciders come from no less than 50Km’s away too. So it’s fair to say that this resource rich region of New Zealand can only be described as ‘perfect for cider’.

Old Mout’s classic apple cider is made using culinary/eating apples, with the variety Braeburn making up 65% of their blend. Braeburn is also used quite extensively by the Lucky Duck Cider crew, and is becoming a perfect apple for cider. (http://allaboutcider.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/lucky-duck-cider-company-apple-cider.html). The Braeburn is a native New Zealander, so it’s fitting that it is represented in this well known cider.

The classic apple cider comes in either a 750mL sparkling bottle or a 330mL bottle in Australia, but also a 1.25L soft drink bottle in New Zealand. On opening of the cider (750mL bottle), it poured nice and clear, clean and light straw in colour. There was a soft artificial carbonation, which produced a nice constant bead in the glass. The nose was also very clean and super fresh. It was very inviting from the word go, with nice floral prettiness, and red apple characters. Other fruits like pineapples and pears combined with a cool confectionery/lolly bag note and lifted the whole nose. On initial appraisal, the feeling was the cider was going to be very sweet on the palate. The overall experience offered up superb delicate features, which was a direct result of the beautiful Moutere Valley fruit.

The palate was again fruity and very fresh. There was some encouraging up-front medium dry sweetness which added good palate weight. It wasn't as sweet as initially thought. This was balanced nicely with a malic acid crispness, and small phenolic presence which added a textural component - a trait of the Braeburn apple. The cider does however finish up quite short with the beautiful up-front sweetness and apple flavour disappearing quite fast. It’s like a wave of flavour which hits you super hard then fades away fast leaving you mystified. This made the back palate quite thin, but overall was a simple palate but would please most consumers. The alcohol is a little lower at 4.5%, which helps with the alcohol heat that the culinary apple ciders can seem to have. But the palate is inoffensive, cheery and full of applely goodness.

The Old Mout ciders are readily available in Australia, and are a good alternative to the Aussie offerings. This cider in particular offers up such pure, pretty and floral characters which are intense and much different in character to Australian ciders. Clever cider making has helped to capture the Moutere Valley in this bottle, and if you haven’t already, I suggest you give it a shot.

Producer: Old Mout Cider
Country: New Zealand (Moutere Valley, South Island)
Alcohol: 4.5%
Website: www.oldmoutcider.com

Rating: 7 out of 10

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