Wednesday, 21 November 2012

What's been happening at All About Cider

Hi all you cider loving peoples!

Some of you cider geeks have probably noticed my reviews/articles have been somewhat of a 'long time between drinks' affair lately. Well this is true, and it's due the fact i am getting married in just one and a half weeks! Nervous much?! So hence the majority of my spare time has been devoted to helping organise and prepare for the big day, and not to writing reviews. Sometimes you just have to get your priorities right. But over the past few weeks i have tried some really cool and exciting cider such as Westons Organic Cider, and Bress Bon Bon. But once the madness of the wedding is over and my life becomes somewhat 'normal', the reviews for these bad boys along with other great (or bad) ciders will grace your screens.

But don't worry, i have a shed full of exciting ciders hailing from England, Wales, France, South Africa and of course Australia that i am dieing to try and review. Makes my mouth water just thinking of it!! But plans are underway to get cider from other countries like Germany and America too. Another really super exiting thing to look forward to in the near future is the reviewing of some real tradtional West England cider. I have teamed up with the good folk from the Bristol Cider Shop (in England) who are sending me over some absolute corker ciders from producers like: Gwatkins, Perry's, Pilton, McCrindle, Once upon a Tree, Oliver's, Hallet's, Severn and Burrow Hill. I am just itching to get these to Oz, and start dissecting what 'real' cider is all about. I am also in talks with David Phillips from Pips Cider (Herefordshire), to try and get his cider over to Australia too for me to look at. So it's all happening!! Obviously reviews would follow!

Also for the Australian and New Zealand readers, make sure you get your mits on the new edition of Beer and Brewer Magazine due out November 26. I make my magazine debut discussing the differing cider styles which consumers are exposed to in Australia. I will also post the article on the blog once the magazine is released. Can you see my little article on the bottom left?? Cool hey!!

Well cheers fellow cider lovers, and i promise that after December 1, All About Cider will be back in action. It will be all guns blazing, full steam ahead and no holding back. Until then, wish me luck on my big day and keep the cider dream alive.



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