Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas has come early to All About Cider

The brilliant folk at the Bristol Cider Shop in England have just sent me over 12 traditional West Country ciders. Do you think I'm just a little excited? Oh hell yes!! So over the early part of the new year, i will be doing special reviews on these special ciders. These ciders are all unavailable in Australia, but least i can give a detailed description of what true, authentic and traditional cider tastes like (easy for me to say as i am the one tasting them).

The ciders include:
Gwatkins - Dry Kingston Black (Herefordshire)
Gwatkins - Medium Yarlington Mill (Herefordshire)
Perry's - Medium Vintage (Somerset)
Perry's - Medium Somerset Red Streak (Somerset)
Worley's - 2011 Premium Vintage (Somerset)
McCrindle's - 2010 Medium Dry Vintage (Gloucestershire)
Burrow HIll - Dry Bottle Fermented Kingston Black (Somerset)
Once Upon A Tree - 2010 Medium Dry Kingston Redstreak (Herefordshire)
Pilton - 2011 Naturally Sparkling Cider (Somerset)
Hallets - Real Cider (Wales)
Olivers - Classic Perry (Herefordshire)
Severn Cider - Medium Sparkling Perry (Gloucestershire)
I can't wait to start reviewing these, but also just to sit down and savour the amazing moments. It's not every day ciders of this stature from the West Country rock up in Australia. I also can't wait to share my views with all you readers!


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  2. They'll blow you mind mate... a good selection with alot of variety there! It'll be a happy christmas indeed!

  3. I can't wait Bill! I am itching to try them all! Very rare to have these ciders in Australia. Cheers mate and Merry Christmas!