Sunday, 9 December 2012

East 9th Brewing - Lick Pier Ginger Beer

East 9th Brewing – Lick Pier Ginger Beer
So right now as I speak, there is an alcoholic beverage that is hopping onto the popularity train and about to catch up to its mate cider. I am talking about alcoholic ginger beer. With its intense ginger and aromatic flavourings, it’s a beautiful drink which takes skill to successfully make right. It has that charisma about it which I am sure will win over many new fans and be consumed in large quantities this summer. Already we are seeing an influx of traditional English examples making their way into Australia. Just like cider, I am confident we will see an explosion of great craft ginger beers being produced in Australia in the not so distant future. There are a few decent Australian examples kicking around at present, but with Bulmers now releasing their ginger beer to the Australian market, the popularity will undoubtedly rise fast (Obviously because a select group of consumes still think for some weird reason that Bulmers is the best cider you can buy!!). I can really see ginger beer being a highly successful alternative to beer or cider if made right. The key to ginger beer is refreshment, refreshment, refreshment. And what do parched Aussie palates crave on a hot 40 degree summer day? You bet ya, refreshment!!

So I thought I would start reviewing ginger beers from time to time amongst the cider, as I have always been a huge fan of the stuff – if anyone doesn’t like Bundaberg non alcoholic ginger beer then you’re crazy. Also anything made at a craft level be it beer, cider or ginger beer then I am sold. The reviews will have no scores, but a general description of my opinions and observations and will be a little more informal to what my cider reviews are. It’s all just a little bit of fun! 
So the first little baby I found on my travels is made by East Ninth Brewing, from Melbourne who are also the makers of Fog City cider. Everything is sourced from New Zealand for this product, and it sits at a modest 4 per cent alcohol in an amazing, old school 660mL hand grenade bottle.

The ginger beer pours nice and cloudy, the way it should be. What I would love to have seen was some real ginger chunks floating in the glass – but that’s just being picky really. The carbonation was light in excitement, and faded fast. The nose offered up intense ginger spice which travelled straight up your nose and lingered for eternity. Beautiful hints of vanilla, dried herbs and a faint touch of orange all intergraded harmoniously with the ginger. There were also some secondary nuances of caramel and petroleum jelly – weird I know! The palate offered up lovely upfront sweetness which was washed away by a high tide of refreshing dryness. Flavours on the palate included the obvious gingery notes, but also subtle orange peel, and citrus. The 4 per cent alcohol gave nice warmth too.

This is a nice little ginger beer, with good sweetness and balance. I loved the aromatics used, and it all seemed to tie in well. A really good effort, and well worth a try.

Producer: East Ninth Brewing Company
Region: Melbourne (VIC) and New Zealand
Alcohol: 4%



  1. This is the alcoholic ginger beer which is hopping onto the popularity. Also many people have consumed in large quantities.

    Australian Brewery

  2. Best GB I have ever tasted. Awesome

  3. A refreshing and dry ginger beer with a sweet flavour and a spicy and peppery after-taste. Great drinking.

  4. Have sampled many ginger beers and this is by far the best currently available A+