Wednesday, 16 October 2013

John Hollows Superior Alcoholic Ginger Beer

After a very relaxing holiday, All About Cider is back and more sun tanned than ever! I thought a cheeky little ginger beer review would kick off proceedings nicely. The ginger beer in question is a UK produced example out of the Fentimans stable, which produce botanically brewed soft drinks. It turns out John Hollows was the son in law of Thomas Fentimans who was the company founder back in 1905. There is definitely some great history behind the name. What I love about this GB straight up is the catch cry “Beware of imitations”, as there are quite a number of ‘fake’ examples out in the market.
The ginger beer poured a cloudy pale straw with a medium level of carbonation. The nose offered up a beautifully sweet ginger whack, along with hints of botanical spice. Lovely fresh aromas of honey, nutmeg and brown sugar added complexity and interest. A very distinct pear aroma also added some floral notes. It was almost like a honey biscuit had freakishly made its way into the bottle. Very addictive.   

On the palate, flavours of vanilla, ginger, brown sugar and lemon combined well with a medium level of sweetness. The mouth feel seemed nice and rounded, with just a small ginger kick and some alcoholic heat. The flavours do fall off slightly, with a watery consistency but its easy drinking and definitely authentic. The pleasing thing was the sugar was by no means sickly, or over the top. Nice rustic and traditional flavours.   
This is a really commendable example of an alcoholic ginger beer. A nice balance of sweetness and ginger spice made it easy to drink - almost too easy. Although quite tame in personality, it’s very very drinkable. A quality ginger beer indeed, with just enough ginger heat!

Producer: John Hollows, Fentimans Ltd
Region: Northumberland (UK)
Alcohol: 4%


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