Monday, 11 November 2013

McCrindles Cider - 2010 Vintage

I am just going to come out right away and say it – I bloody love this cider! The 2010 McCrindle's Vintage is made using traditional methods in the Forest of Dean, Blakeney in Gloucestershire by James McCrindle. It’s only produced in very small batches from the best cider of a single vintage, and I must say I am damn lucky I have been able to try it. Oh my giddy aunt this cider is the real deal, the real McCoy and the absolute ducks guts.

So why am I so in love with this cider??
The colour was outstanding. A beautiful deep and rich tawny, almost burnt toffee hue caught my eye immediately. I know a couple cider reviewers from the UK have questioned why the cider is filtered to brilliant, but I kind of like this. It really enhanced the stunning colour. The carbonation was very low, with just a light spritz in the glass.

The nose was a sea of delight with big, bold and luscious pure apple aromas bursting out of the glass. It reminded me a lot of a Pommeau de Normandie of all things. Vibrant spice and rich ripe fruit where complimented by nutty, old smokey wood notes with just a hint of a medicinal character. Other deeper secondary characters of honey and hold dusty barn where also noted. Some sublime farmhouse ‘funk’ rounded out the nose beautifully. This was an absolute stunner of a nose, and I found I couldn’t stop smelling it. I almost forgot to drink it! It was intense, complex and insanely layered, yet held an impressive amount of freshness. Wow!  
The palate was just as impressive, with a luscious medium sweetness that was rich and jam packed full of flavour. I can’t recall a cider which had so much presence on the palate like the 2010 McCrindle's Vintage. A nice level of drying tannin added texture, with a balanced level of tangy acidity. Flavours of fairy floss, ripe apple and toffee lingered for eternity into a back palate of smokey oak. In saying this, the palate was very mellowed out with hints of bittersharp/Kingston Black fruit. Perfectly balanced bitterness also made its way into this skilfully presented palate. A light spritz of carbonation helped lift the palate and lift the flavour profile. It definitely left me drooling for more! 
I would definitely rate this cider in my top 3 of the best ciders I have ever had the privilege to consume. It was everything I like/love/yearn to see in a traditionally made cider produced with cider apples. It just had the ‘wow’ factor from the get go! Big and bold aromas and flavours. A glorious cider and I am very humbled to be able to say I have tasted this. It’s the type of cider which inspires you (I know that sounds silly buts it’s true). Wow…… 
Producer: McCrindle’s Cider
Country: England (Blakeney, Gloucestershire)
Alcohol: 6.2%


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