Sunday, 5 January 2014

St Ronan's Methode Tradionelle Pear Cider

It’s not every day a cider makes you sit back in your chair, taking in the finer things in life and go wow. It’s always the little things which make you so appreciative. The new batch of St Ronan’s Pear Cider is exactly that. If there was such thing as a Miss World Cider Competition, the St Ronan’s would not only win the swimsuit segment, it would also win the personality test too. It’s one sexy, damn fine looking cider with the added brains to give it substance. This cider wouldn’t ask for “world peace”, it would stand up and say “I AM CIDER, HEAR ME ROAR!” It would represent Australia perfectly, and take it up to the rest of the world. It’s a pear cider which makes you feel proud about the Industry and about what producers are out to try and achieve. Just to give you some background and scope on this pear ciders history over the past two years, have a read of these accolades:
2012 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards – Bronze Medal
2012 Australian Cider Awards – Gold Medal and winner of Best Australian Pear Cider/Perry
2013 Australian Cider Awards – Gold Medal, best in class (Methode Champenoise/Bottle Conditioned Perry) and finalist for Best Cider of Show.

The mounting accolades and respect this pear cider is receiving is a testament to the crew at St Ronan's Cider – Troy Jones and Eric Driessen. These guys are producing some of the best presented and made pear cider I have seen so far in Australia. It's steering away from the more mass produced commercial pear cider, and being made with real elbow grease and flair. It’s meant to be savoured and enjoyed, rather than heavily consumed and mistreated. It’s real Aussie cider at its best.

The colour offered up a nice yellow straw, with a slight cloudy haze which got cloudier as more of the bottle was consumed. On opening the bottle, there was good pressure behind the cork and the cider poured with an impressive natural fizz.

The nose could only be described as heavenly. I would even go as far as saying divine (in my very best posh accent). Amazing earthy pear varietals leaped out of the glass with impeccable clarity. Super soft, floral and very pretty/feminine. Other notes of lavender, bath salts, lychee's and strangely enough coconut added focus and dimension. This was a nose full of aromatics, focus and purity. Absolutely stunning, loved it.

The palates ability to offer up so much generosity was another reason why this pear cider was at the top of its game. Beautiful up-front pear varietals were soft and sweet, but also very delicate and floral. Fresh and pure flavours of juicy pear impressed. A good level of sherbety/citric acid zing added structure, along with just a hint of powdery phenolics. The mid palate offered up complex sensations of creaminess and earthiness, which lingered to the back palate. The 7 per cent alcohol was well balanced with no signs of alcoholic warmth. If you closed your eyes, you could be mistaken for drinking sparkling pear juice. Just so pristine, clean and delicious. It was a perfectly balanced pear cider, with a nice level of dosage sweetness to round it out.

It’s now very understandable as to why this cider is gathering so much momentum in terms of popularity and quality. It’s beautifully made and pays respects to the Australian grown pears. A perfect cider to match with food too. This pear cider captures the purity of the pear so well, but also ones imagination. Beautifully made Australian real cider – what more could you ask for???

Check out the review on St Ronan’s Methode Tradionelle Apple Cider:

Producer: St Ronan’s Cider
Country: Australia (Healesville, Yarra Valley)
Alcohol: 7%

Rating: 18.5 out of 20


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