Sunday, 6 April 2014

Severn - Medium Sparkling Perry

Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of reviewing this last month. Unfortunately for two months of the year my 'real' job takes over and grapes become my primary focus. When you work 12 hours a day it's hard to sit down and really enjoy a good cider. But I've found some time and am really excited to bring you this new review on an absolute corker of a perry.

Seven Cider are a small boutique producer from Gloucestershire, England. The county middles both Herefordshire and Somerset also famously known for their cider production. The Severn Medium Sparkling Perry is produced using the Blakeney Red pear from orchards which are free of fertilizers and sprays. The Blakeney Red pear falls into the 'sharp' category and is known for its medium tannins levels and much lower levels of acidity. The trees are heavy croppers too, and have been used to produce larges amounts of perry for years.

I was so excited to try this perry as it had won many awards in the UK, and it seemed to be a very popular example. The colour poured a clear, golden yellow with just a light hint of carbonation.

The nose offered up lovely oaky notes from its maturation in old whisky casks, with just a hint of brettanomyces. Super juicy, floral and delicate pear notes jumped out of the glass like a jack-in-a-box. Secondary characters of orange blossom and honey just rounded out the complexity perfectly. What struck me was the perfect balance of oak and pure pear fruit, its just seemed so tight and generous. Perfect.

Ahhh the palate. The word addictive came to mind here. Juicy, moreish medium sweetness just seduced my taste buds over and over. Utterly beautiful. An earthy flavour dominated the flavour, with fresh pear adding tonnes of depth. Perfectly balanced tannins and acidity pulled the structure in tight, and lead into a looooong and lingering length. A candied flavour just lingered for eternity. All I was left thinking was the purity of pear flavour was outstanding. So beautiful, so weighted and packed full of flavour. The way a great perry should be!

Well, I am going to go on the record and say this is the best perry I have had. Period. Better then anything I have seen from Domfront in Normandy. How they could captured the purity and fruit was super impressive. The complexity, the freshness and the many layers made this a real joy to drink. Beautiful!!  

Producer: Severn Cider
Country: England (Newnham, Gloucestershire)
Alcohol: 6.2%