Monday, 13 July 2015

Dock Apple Cider

In my recent review of the Brady's Lookout MT Ciders, I started off by saying "I always really enjoy seeing new Tasmanian ciders hit the market". In hindsight, maybe I should have rephrased that perhaps? A little more on the lines of "I always really enjoy seeing new, interesting and boundary pushing Tasmanian cider hit the market"??? Because I am in a situation where a new cider called Dock Cider has come across my desk and it's a tad worrying. Another one of these spin off batches made for a customer in the style of a sweet, carbonated and filtered apple drink. Gosh, am I being a touch too harsh here, and just judging a book by its cover? Well not exactly as I love the 'cover' or label, as I am a passionate Fremantle Dockers supporter. So anything with an anchor and I am sold. But I worry that the contents in the bottle is just another ho-hum cider with zero personality or originality. Just another cider which you can add to the ever growing medium sweet Australian dessert apple bracket.

So this cider I believe is made at Winemaking Tasmania exclusively for Mures Seafood based in Hobart. Mures are a family seafood industry heavyweight in Tasmania, with their ethos based around locality and freshness. Great attributes for a cider too. The company fish local waters, produce gourmet seafood products, and have a restaurant in Hobart. I can definitely see why they got into cider. Local Tassie fruit, fresh and perfect with seafood. However does Tasmania ever have a summer or is it always blindly cold down there? Because when I picture cider and seafood, I picture a balmy 35 degree summer day. Sorry shouldn't take cheap shots at Tassie, I am from South Australia so that's nothing to be overly proud of. But I think this is a clever strategy from Mures, so good on them.   

As I said previously, I love the packaging. Classy, bold yet retains a sense of simplicity. I love those dark O-I glass 330mL bottles too. I believe other producers like Red Brick Road, D Cider and Willie Smiths are also using them. Like them a lot. So enough of the outside, and more on the inside.

Super light in colour, with a smaller amount of carbonation in the glass. Big tick for me with the carbonation. Big, big, big hits of floral musk smack you in the face like an Muhammad Ali left hook to the face. Glorious. Rich ripe and super juicy apples follow on with persistent jabs to the rib cage. Aromatic to buggery. I can't get over the crunchiness too. Just like a new season red apple. Highly impressed here. Reductive style, perfectly capturing the apples in the bottle. Impressive.

Crunchy bright flavours hit you on the front palate, with more hints of musk and floral bite. Sadly to the ciders detriment, the palate then falls into a clumsy knee buckling wash of wateriness and flabbiness which throws out the mouth feel. Like a K.O. in the first round. No real acid structure for the large amount of medium sweetness. The flavour dissipates, and no real length is observed. Shame as the nose was such a killer. Just too out of balance and slightly awkward. No interesting features, just designed for long drinking sessions one would think. Not the worst I've seen by a long shot, but still a touch off the mark.     

In the grand scheme of things, this cider nails the brief. I am critiquing this cider to an inch of its life, but Mr Joe Bloggs at Mures restaurant tucking into a mega lobster tail doesn't. It's fresh, simple and as straight forward as cider can get. But it's perfectly light enough to drink without a care in the world. Exactly what is was designed to do. The nose is a ripper. Couldn't fault it. The palate was the issue, but I am sure this cider will be a popular addition.

Should I have been worried to begin with? Nope. Just me being a little too precious me thinks......

Producer: Mures Tasmania
Style: Australian Modern (Medium)
Country: Australia (Hobart, Tasmania)
Alcohol: 5.0 %

Rating: 12.5/20 (nudging 13)


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