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My name is James Adams and I am a long time cider enthusiast, which has let me see and taste some unbelievable products over my time.  My goal is to educate consumers and let them know that there is more to just the larger, mass produced concentrated ciders which are very unauthentic, and unfortunately everywhere in the local bottle shops. Cider is not an inferior product which is consumed in large quantities by cheap uni students. NO! It has style, sophistication and tonnes of complexity if done right. The sooner I can get consumers to understand this, the better the industry in Australia can get. I want to help consumers make the right choices, and really make them think about what they drink.

My experiences through All About Cider in the past two years have let me meet some amazing people, and taste some amazing cider. I have judged at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards, Sydney Royal Beer and Cider Show and the Adelaide Cider Competition. I now also regularly write for Beer and Brewer magazine, which is distributed across Australia and New Zealand. To make life even more hectic, and flat out I have also released a small, artisan cider label called Adams Orchard Cider. Funny to think I actually have a full time job on top of all this!

I get blown away by the constant and fantastic feedback I get regarding my work. It makes it all worth while and makes me even more determined to write about my passion for cider. Bring on the future!


All About Cider Policies and Procedures
  • As much as I love writing and sharing opinions on All About Cider, I don't love seeing my work being reproduced without permission or recognition. My work takes time and effort; therefore I would appreciate being contacted at james@allaboutcider.com to discus the potential for reproduction.
  • All reviews, articles, opinion pieces, photos, directory and glossary are strictly my own work.
  • I will reference and credit other writers material if required on posts.
  • I accept ciders for review, please email james@allaboutcider.com to arrange delivery.
  • I will not; however, accept nor review any fruit flavoured or major commercial cider - no exceptions.
  • My reviews are based and centred on an honest and qualified opinion. All samples will be treated similarly without bias, but with no guarantee of a positive review.  
  • Finally, although All About Cider is currently free of advertising, I am open to offers. However, offers of a product or business must be related, or closely related to cider.

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  1. Hope you continue to maintain this site as I'm pretty sure I'm the american version of you! :)

    Enjoyed looking over your site. Thanks!

    Jeremy Miller
    Buxton, Maine. USA